France Came Up As Surprise Package In Fifa World Cup 2014.

The article speaks about the great performance of France in FIFA World Cup 2014. They had won the FIFA World cup once. The still have the capability of going to the finals.

FIFA World Cup 2014 had certain surprising performances. The performance of France in the world cup had been an absolute surprise package.

Before the beginning of the world France was not considered a favourite team, neither a team which could qualify for the quarter finals. The prospect of Italy, England, Spain were discussed more than France. One of the reasons was due to the low profile of the team. There was no Wayne Roonie, no Iniesta, no Balateli in the team.

Neither France from the beginning of the world cup had superstars like Platini, Tigana, Zidane, Dugarri and others. So it was

understood that being a European team it will be successful to just go to the 2nd round.

But the aggressive performance of the team astonished the spectaters. Benzema scored 3 goals till now and emerged as one of better strikers of 2014 World Cup.

Pogba, Girroud and Valbuena had ably supported Benzema in the scoring department. The great thing is that France had score more than 11 goals in 4 matches. So there is no doubt about their scoring abilities.

Landreau and Ruffier had been goal keepers and the defence had helped France in not conceding too many goals.

There is a great thing about European football that none of the teams fear the ex-champions.

Italy had won the FIFA world cup 4 times. Germany had won it 3 times. Whenever France or Spain or Holland play against Germany or Italy they never have the feeling the ex-champions are superior sides.

In 1986 World Cup quarter finals Mithele Platini’s France defeated Zico’s Brazil in tie-breaker. That match was probably the best match in the World Cup. While Brazil had great names like Careca, Socrates, Zico in the team, France had great names like Platini, Tigana, Stopyra, Gires and others. Ultimately France lost to West Germany in the semi-finals due to the heroics of Carl Heinz Rumenigge. In 1998 FIFA World Cup, Zidane’s France defeated Ronaldo’s Brazil 3 -0 in the finals. Zidane scored goals also in the final match.

If the history of France team in World Cups is analysed it will be observed that the team had regularly produced super talents. Benzema, Pogba and others are stars in the making.

France has a difficult match against Germany in the Quarter Finals. Whether they win or lose, the football-lovers cannot dispute that in this FIFA World Cup 2014, France had entertained the spectators.

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  • juny  07-07-2014
    Englan and Germany are great contenders in this game. I am sure whoever wins this year deserves the crown.
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  • souvik1  04-07-2014
    Even if France loses against Germany they have played better than Italy, England and Spain in this World Cup 2014.
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